Digital X-Rays

What Is The Difference?

Unlike traditional X-rays, digital radiography uses a computer instead of film to capture images and emits almost 90 percent less radiation. The images we can see are also much more detailed.

Through the use of digital x-ray imaging and scanning, we are able to see dental problems long before our patients can feel them. By catching dental disease at the earliest stages, we are able to treat the conditions much less invasively and much more affordably. Preventive diagnostic dental services make sense for your health and for your pocketbook!


While dental X-rays emit low amounts of radiation and every precaution is taken to protect patients from exposure, some dental patients may still put off dental X-rays for safety reasons. Dental X-rays bring up other issues for patients, including the wait time for film to be developed and environmental concerns. Dentists are addressing these issues with digital radiography, a high-tech replacement for traditional dental X-rays.

There are several reason why modern dentist use digital radiography over traditional film X-rays: Less Radiation, Shorter Dental Appointments, Higher Quality Images, Transferring Dental Records, Environmentally Friendly.


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