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We strongly believe that our healthcare philosophy and practices provide the knowledge and tools necessary for our patients to make informed decisions for a lifetime of success.

Our progressive investments in advanced medical education and dental technology has been extremely beneficial for patient care. Our doctors and their team have the advantage of identifying and treating dental illnesses in their early stages. Our modern and innovative approach to patient care emphasizes preventive care as the key to optimal oral health.

Who We Are

Our team is committed to delivering the best dental care available.

We hold to the fundamental principle of compassionately caring for our neighbors, especially in times of need. We pride ourselves in our ability to listen to our patients and treat them as family. We are restless in our quest to professionally and personally self improve and master our field of expertise. Our cohesive group works together as a team to comfort our patients so each and every dental experience is as pleasant as possible.

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“We are extremely grateful for the gracious acceptance of our practice in this beautiful community and we welcome all who may need the highest quality and compassionate dental health care possible”.

Dental Implants

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Latest technology

Our office stays up to date with some of the latest technological advances available in the industry to better serve our patients.

Whether it is our high-tech Digital Radiography, Digital Impressions, Same Day Crowns, Micro-Abrasion Fillings or our Digital Medical Records System, the technology of the future is amazingly here and now. This technology provides for a faster, safer, diagnostically superior quality with accuracy and efficiency. In a single visit, patients can view their intra-oral photographs and x-rays on a large monitor screen, receive diagnosis and have a comprehensive treatment plan created.

Where We Are Going

From digital x-ray imaging and paperless charting, to the use of non-toxic sterilization solutions and UV air purification systems, we are already forging new ground in the pursuit of environmentally conscious health care. Going forward, we will be practicing in a state-of-the-art, LEED-certified green building to better serve and protect your health and our environment.

For over 5 years, Forest Crossing Family Dental has proudly provided the highest caliber of comprehensive dental care. Today, the practice has reached new heights to become the one destination for all your dental needs. Tomorrow, we will be here, continually raising the bar in the delivery of groundbreaking dental services.


Why Our Patients Choose Us

At Forest Crossing Family Dental, we believe one of the most important aspects of a good relationship is trust. Good dental services can be obtained at many practices and at anytime. At Forest Crossing Family Dental, we are extremely honored and proud to provide the best medical and dental care possible in a committed way to our trusting, friendly and satisfied patients, family and friends.


At Forest Crossing Family Dental our doctors and their dental team are committed to delivering the best dental care available.

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Monday – Thursday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM



4999 Carolina Forest Blvd Suite 14

Myrtle Beach, SC 29579

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